Airdrop Guide & Account Suggestions

Hi there everyone, this is a guide and few suggestions for users who participated in the BitSong Airdrop in 2018.
First of all, BitSong would like to inform you that there is no reason to worry if any of you have not received the Airdrop reward yet, if you have complied with all the parameters imposed by BitSong Group Ltd. and you have not carried out any type of illegal activity during the Airdrop campaign, your tokens are safe and you will get them as soon as possible. Throughout the campaign, 1,162,892.28 btsg were released for a total of over 40,000 participating users.

Many have already successfully withdrawn the Airdrop tokens from our console, while others have met problems.
With this guide we will try to answer to all the questions asked by the members of our community in the last few weeks and to clarify as many doubts as possible about the actions that preceded the Airdrop.

As you well know, in April 2019 we started authorizing the withdrawal of Airdrop tokens all those users that depending on our security systems and our team that analyzed all the activities carried out during the campaign were clean and compliant with the parameters set by BitSong. But before this action we performed a “general cleaning”, to avoid spam, scams and our tokens arriving in wrong hands.
Consequently our systems have performed a general scan, respecting very restrictive admission parameters.
The result after the scan was that our systems have removed more than 10,000 users from the campaign, who according to our security regulations did not comply with the Airdrop campaign parameters, resulting in the account being blocked/banned.

We are aware that the parameters we set for the scanning machines were very restrictive and that some users ended up incorrectly in the spam category. As a result, we have authorized the withdrawal of only Airdrop 1 and Airdrop 2 tokens, keeping the Referral ones blocked.

This decision was made in order to offer the possibility to all those who consider blocking their account to be an error, to be able to contact our support team and recover the access to their accounts. For this reason, from April 2019 and until today, we have not authorized the withdrawal of Referral tokens yet, as we have not completed the “Account Recovery” process with the members whose access to their account has been restricted.

When will I be able to get the Airdrop tokens?

  • The Airdrop 1 and Airdrop 2 tokens are already available for those users who have not been restricted and can make a withdrawal at any time in our console.

When will I receive the tokens once the withdraw has been made and why my withdrawal is in “Pending” status?

  • Before your tokens are unlocked, the transaction must be analyzed and approved by our systems. Due to long queues and excessive activities, it may take several days for the tokens to arrive in your wallet, but don’t worry because once you press the withdraw button if there are no further problems with the activities on your account, your tokens will arrive .

Can I change the wallet address I submitted when I registered?

  • The answer is “No”. Unfortunately, for security reasons there is no way to change the wallet address you submitted when registered.
    If your wallet has been compromised, it means that you lost the BTSG Tokens.

When will the “Referral” tokens be unlocked?

  • The “Referral” tokens will be unlocked as soon as our team considers the “Account Recovery” process to be complete, since a penalty will be applied to all the accounts to which one or more Referrals have been banned. This process could take several months before it ends.

Will I be penalized if my referrals were spam and were excluded from the Airdrop?

  • The answer is “YES”, you will be charged a penalty of 50 btsg for each account removed from the Airdrop campaign, which turned out to be one of your Referrals.

For example if user Roger has 20 referrals for a total of 1000 btsg, but of these 20 referrals 10 have been excluded, then user Roger will be awarded only for 10 referrals, i.e with 500 btsg instead of the initials 1000.

What should I do if my account has been banned?

  • If when you try to log in to your BitSong account, the access is rejected and you get a message saying “this user is banned, please contact our support”, it means that your account is included in those suspicions of non-compliant activities with the parameters imposed by BitSong Group Ltd regarding the Airdrop campaign. In this case you should contact our support team at the email address: [email protected], indicating:

  • Subject of the email

  • Name and surname

  • Email address linked to your account

  • Type of problem encountered

  • What do you want to be assisted with by our team?

Remember that if you do not meet all these parameters when contacting our support, our team reserves the right not to consider your request as valid and therefore discard it.

Why was my account banned?

There are various reasons why your account may have been resulted suspicious to our systems, including:

  • Your referrals were coming from the same IP address
  • It appeared that you created multiple accounts with the same IP address or through a VPN service
  • You ended up on a blacklist containing spam accounts, which our systems detected
  • The accounts being given a quick succession of yours, in a robotic manner and with just a few minutes away
  • You have filled your profile unproperly during the registration.
  • You have used a disposable email service.

These may be just some of the reasons why your account has been restricted. If you consider the ban of your account an error by the BitSong systems, then contact us at the e-mail address indicated above, respecting the parameters we have given you and wait for our team to get back to you.

Can Airdrop tokens be used for staking?

  • Absolutely Yes, any btsg holder can exercise the possibility of staking with the tokens he owns, once we go in Mainnet. Airdrop tokens are real tokens, do not try to use them in Testnet. For Testnet tokens please use the Wallet Bot, follow the Guide and get Faucet Tokens

Can I sell/buy Airdrop tokens?

  • The answer is “Yes”, currently the most experienced users can try to use the Forkdelta platform to try to exchange their tokens or if you already have a buyer you can use the Atomicswapwallet platform which is a peer to peer wallet so both users must be online for performing a swap.

Is the Airdrop Bot and the Wallet Bot the same thing?

  • The answer is “No”, the Airdrop Bot is the one that assisted us during the 2018 Airdrop campaign. The Airdrop Bot is still active and you may also receive notifications sometimes. The amount of tokens that you might still see in the Airdrop Bot is absolutely not transferable to the Wallet Bot. We remind you that the tokens received from the Airdrop Bot should have been synchronized with your BitSong Account and make the withdrawal directly from there.
    If you have not registered on our website when requested, and you have not synchronized the Airdrop Bot with your BitSong Account, it means that you have lost the tokens that the Bot has generated you.

  • The Telegram Wallet Bot is a tool created to allow users to interact with our Testnet. It is practically a console for our Testnet-2 and IT HAS NOTHING TO DO with the Airdrop Bot. To learn more about what the Wallet Bot is and how it works, read the Guide to it, and also what the Faucet Tokens are.
    Do not try to send any Real Token to the Wallet Bot!

That said, we hope we have been helpful with this guide and have basically clarified your concerns regarding the Airdrop campaign and what happened after its ending.

For any questions that we may not have already answered in the article, do not hesitate to open a topic here and we will be happy to answer you.

Good week everyone.

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hi there, i have my tokens at ImToken Wallet, how can i transfer to the bitsong bot wallet?

Airdrop tokens are real tokens, do not try to use them in Testnet. For Testnet tokens please use the Wallet Bot , follow the Guide and get Faucet Tokens

Please spend some more attention reading the article, you have all you need to know there!