BitSong DEMO is Live!

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!
We take this opportunity to update you on the progress of Testnet-2, but more importantly, announce the BitSong Demo!

Going back to Testnet-2, since it has almost reached the endline, we want to make a summary of its statistics.
At the time of writing this article, Testnet-2 has about 2,200,000 blocks, produced and validated in full health by the network, 16 validators out of 27 active and 160307 transactions. The total supply increased from around 116 million to around 122.5 million while inflation reached almost 17%.

All in all it was an excellent Testnet, which worked without problems and which allowed us to test all the various functions that we had in mind to test and we are satisfied with how everything went well, but now its time is running out and we take advantage of this to tell you that the Testnet-3 will be announced very soon, together with all its features, but above all it will be an INCENTIVED Testnet. The Validator’s Contest will be announced and will start very soon, just before Testnet-3.
Validators who are with us since Testnet-1, will be further rewarded. Testnet-3 will be linked to the BitSong Demo.

But now we are pleased to invite you to take part in a historic moment in BitSong, on January 3rd, 2009 the first Bitcoin block was mined, 11 years later, the music gets into blockchain, Ladies and Gentlemen we are thrilled to announce, the BitSong Demo, where for the first time users, artists, listeners, sympathizers or any other figure, will have the opportunity to try the basic functions of our ecosystem, but above all, Listen to Music and try the Reward.

This is a demo version, data is stored on an our devnet and the status will be reset in 15 days. This means that at the moment you can enjoy testing the BitSong Demo for the first time!

Authentication is completely decentralized, as it should be in any Blockchain application, i.e. you directly create a wallet by setting a password and downloading a keystore file related to your account, which will be saved on the device and which will be required every time you want to unlock your wallet, so no email and password needed.

Once the new user has been created, the system will automatically provide you with 100 demo tokens to try, staking, reward, upload (for the artists) and other functions. The artists will be able to upload their own tracks, which once obtained the verification deposit can be listened to and will be enabled for reward. The platform is already connected to the Blockchain and the tracks are uploaded in IPFS.

A more detailed guide on all the functions of this Demo will be published shortly.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is history, we can finally wish you, Happy Music to All!