BitSong Demo UPLOAD GUIDE (for Artists only)

Hello everyone and welcome to the Official Guide on uploading music tracks in the BitSong Demo, dedicated to artists who wish to take part in the reward ecosystem, uploading their works and testing the functions.
We remind everyone that this is only a demo and will be restored in a few days, when the new version connected to BitSong’s Testnet-3 will be online.

Let’s see how BitSong Demo works, how to upload a song and how to make it available to the public.
First of all, remember that BitSong is a decentralized ecosystem and consequently the “sign in” and the “sign up” will not take place through email and password but through an encrypted keystore and a password that you will set to encrypt your file, therefore you will open a real cryptocurrency wallet in our Blockchain, through which you will carry out all operations/transactions in BitSong.

1. Open the BitSong Demo

  • Now that you have the demo in front of you, you will see a red colored button named “sign in” at the top right, click on it (if you have already created your wallet, you will only have to provide the system with the keystore and the password you previously set to login).

2. Create a new wallet

  • In the login window, click on the “create a new wallet” button, then set your new password, mark the keystore box and click on “download keystore file”. Once you have carried out this step, the system will generate a new keystore for you, which you will have to save on your device and take care to never lose it (we suggest you rename the file to not forget what it is).
    Amazing, you have just opened your BitSong demo wallet.

  • Once the wallet is open, the system automatically gives you 100 btsg demos to be able to try staking and in the case of artists, upload songs, if tokens do not appear immediately in “available”, try reloading the page.

3. Upload your tracks

  • Now that we have finally opened our wallet, let’s upload some songs, so click on “Upload” at the top right.
  • An “upload your track” box will appear, click inside and select the track you intend to upload from your device, remembering that this is an important step and that once the track has been uploaded to IPFS, it can no longer be removed.

  • Once the track has been selected and loaded, the system will open a form where you will have to fill in the track details, so upload the cover of your song in “artwork”, then fill in the form with all the required details, track name, artist name , featured artist, etc.

4. Verify a track

  • To verify a track, and therefore make it available to the public on the platform, it requires a security deposit, otherwise it will remain pending for 30 days and if no deposit is made in this time interval, the system will automatically remove it .
  • Once you have filled out the form and loaded all the details of the track, it will be placed in “BitSong Studio” in the “Inactive” section, where it will be waiting for the deposit, so let’s go to BitSong Studio, take the track we want to deposit and click on the “Deposit” button.

  • Deposit a minimum of 10 btsg on the track

  • Once you have made the deposit, you will observe how your track will pass from “Inactive” to the “Verified” section, then your track has been successfully published on the Demo portal and is ready to be listened to by everyone.

5. Listen to songs&staking

  • Remember that to listen to the tracks, you will have to put some tokens in staking first, otherwise the system will let you listen only to the first 15 seconds of the track.

  • To stake tokens, click on a song you want to listen to and send the player 30/40 seconds forward, so a window will appear warning you that you should be staking few tokens in order to participate in the ecosystem and listen songs, then from that window select the validator to whom you want to entrust your tokens, insert the amount you want to stake (eg 10/20/30 etc.) and click on “stake”.

  • Once you are staking tokens, you will be able to listen to the full tracks and generate rewards for your streams based on the staking power you have.

In the case you need more demo tokens to load more tracks, put in staking or any other operation, do not hesitate to contact our team, replying to the notification email that each of you has received as an invitation to participate in the BitSong Demo.

We hope this guide will help you in trying to join the BitSong ecosystem and if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


This is only a DEMO version created and launched to test the various ecosystem functions such as, reward algorithm, player, staking and other functions. The tokens generated in this demo are NOT real but are TEST tokens, so no withdraws will be available at this stage.
Artists must be aware that once their tracks are uploaded to IPFS, they can no longer be removed, as IPFS is a distributed, immutable and irrevocable storage.