BitSong Exchange Entry

Hi there everyone, with this release we want to share with you our intentions for the coming weeks, regarding the listing of our token (btsg) on ​​the market.

As you know until now, apart from Forkdelta, there was no way to trade our currency. Furthermore, BitSong has repeatedly expressed its intentions not to list its token in any exchange that is not worth it and that in any case the focus remains entirely on the development of the ecosystem.

However, our goal is to list the token on top exchanges like Binance, Okex, Huobi and others in that category, but we consider it premature because BitSong is still in Testnet and we want to get in such platforms with an already operational product.

Given the requests we had in the last days for the purchase of tokens, we decided to use a decentralized exchange that could favor the use with various trading pairs (for arbitrages).
Consequently, we provided to list our token on a reliable and safe DEX named Bamboo Relay, which is available to anyone who intends to transact our token.

What is Bamboo Relay?

Bamboo Relay is a leading 0x and bZx relayer (hosts off-chain order book). Users can trade, lend or borrow ERC20 tokens trustlessly from their own wallets, features that BitSong exploits and which will be enabled in the days coming.
Currently, Bamboo Relay allows any user to connect their wallet and trade between any coin pair combination.

Apparently, Bamboo Relay does not charge any withdrawal fees either. This is a very competitive edge in the market if true and really distinguishes this exchange from most other market options.

At the moment we listed BTSG/WETH next week we will open BTSG/DAI, BTSG/USDC and BTSG/BNB

From now you can place orders here.

For less experienced users, we will publish a tutorial in the following days on how to connect a wallet to Bamboo Relay, how to place an order, sell or buy.

Thanks for your continued support and good trading to everyone!

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