[EN] Tester Telegram Wallet (testnet)

Test the BitSong Telegram Wallet, discover bugs, open issues, suggest new features.

To try
The goal is to actively test all the various functions, such as Wallet, Staking, Governance, IBC …
Candidates must be active and have regular and daily use. It is also necessary to participate in the Discord group and report the various bugs encountered and/or discuss new features with the developers.


  • Create or import an account via the bot https://t.me/bitsong_wallet_bot
  • Do not delete the account from the bot until the contest is completed
  • Try all available functions
  • Open issue on github for new suggestions
  • Open issue on github for bug report


  • Max 20 people
  • The first 20 registered members will be selected First Come First Served


  • Total prize: 20 000btsg
  • Prize per participant (approved): 1 000btsg

Start and End

31st October 2019 00:00UTC - 30th November 2019 23:59UTC

How to participate

Fill the registration to contest form and subscribe to our Discord channel.


Approved participants

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Submission procedure


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Participate in the discussion

Join our community on Discord and stay updated on all related topics. Make sure you check our channels often so you don’t miss out on updates!


Registration to the form does not imply automatic approval by us

The contest program is being tested, it may change at any time and it may be necessary to perform a KYC/AML procedure. All approval requirements will be announced before the endline. The participants in this phase are aware that they may not receive the rewards if the KYC/AML procedures are not approved.