I cant take my bitaongs help me

Hello , bitsong send a mail for me they said that you have 349 btsng but you dont have kyc then i made kyc then its approved but when i wanna withdraw my bitsongs metamask i saw my balance 0 but there is 349 bitaong in my trancitions page can u halp me why i cant take my bitsongs .

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Hi Ahmet ,top answer you find to telegram group Telegram: Contact @bitsong_ico

Migration and genesis is over, if you did passed kyc and generate wallet before genesis closed then youre okey, you can access your website balance via wallet https://play.bitsong.io/auth/import

Thank u for your answer i wentto link but when i wanna inpor my wallet i saw i dont have private key or phrase how i can learn these because account.bitsong.io i use just mail and password

That is not good enough, arrangement on how to extend kyc approval should still be opened, by the way the relationship i see here is one sided

I got 100 bitsong on airdrop, how do I put them in an exchange