[TUTORIAL] Telegram BitSong Wallet Bot

Welcome to the Official Guide to the Telegram BitSong Wallet Bot.

This is a guide that will help you understand the concept of the Bot we have developed and will also present you with a practical example all the features it has!

Have fun!

First, open the BitSong Wallet Bot in Telegram and start the Bot.
A welcome screen will appear, where you will have two options:

  • Generate new Account
  • Import Account

If you are a BitSong Validator and want to run transactions with your validator, you can import your account via seed.
For those who are not a BitSong validator, at the moment the only option is Generate new Account.
The system will ask you to set a password, which you will use whenever you need to confirm a transaction, so don’t forget your password.

At this point, once the password is set, the system has already generated your new account.

At this point we click on WALLET and go to get tokens from the Faucet to start trying the features!

Once you click on “Get Faucet Tokens”, after a few seconds it will give you tokens to test the features. The tokens that Faucet gives you are enough for testing all features, but if you need some more, no not hesitate to get in touch.

Then by clicking on “Back” takes us back to the “send” and “receive” commands
To receive tokens all you have to do is click on “receive”, copy your wallet address and send it to the token sender.

When you click on the “Send” button, the system will ask you for an address to which sending tokens.
At this point, if you have no friends to whom sending tokens, to test this feature go to the BitSong Explorer and get the address of one of our Validators.

Attention, the address to simply send tokens is not the “bitsongvaloper…” which is the operator address, but what you have to take is the delegator address (eg bitsong1kfz32zcavmpfplxv7gmal0etr0chgc7ynhnyw4).

Submit the delegator address into the bot and press Enter. At this point the bot will ask you for the amount to send. Choose the amount and press Enter, after which the bot will ask you for the password to unlock the transaction. Put the password, press Enter and here we go, you make your first transaction on the BitSong Testnet!! If you wish, you can also view the transaction on the explorer, the bot will always show you this option.

At this point let’s bring the Bot 2 steps back, to the “home” screen and this time instead of “wallet”, we click on “staking”.
For those who are a BitSong validator, from here you can also withdraw your commissions, through the “Withdraw all Rewards” command.
If you are not a validator, then let’s see how to delegate and undelegate tokens to the validators.

Press the “Delegate” button and submit the operator address into the bot this time (eg bitsongvaloper1kfz32zcavmpfplxv7gmal0etr0chgc7yjn0d7g)
Once this is done, the bot will ask you for the amount to be delegated, enter the amount, press Enter and confirm with your Password.
Congratulations, you have put your first tokens in Staking on the BitSong Blockchain!

Now let’s assume that you want to take back the tokens you entrusted to one of the validators.
Go back to the previous screen in the Bot and click on “Undelegate”. At this point fill the operator address of the validator to which you have delegated your tokens (bitsongvaloper…), now enter the amount you wish to unbond (the full amount delegated or a part, up to your preference), confirm with your password and voilà, you have unbonded your tokens from the validator.

Remember that this operation is not immediate and that the unbonding process lasts 3 days from the time of the transaction!

That said, basically it is how the BitSong Wallet Bot works, it is practically a console to easily interact with our Testnet.

We remind you that the Bot is being tested and the use of it in any Mainnet is currently not recommended. To be used only in testnet.

We also remind you that the tool can be adapted to any testnet running on Cosmos, if you need it, do not hesitate to contact us.

If you wish to participate in the contest that BitSong is launching this week, as regards the operation of the Bot, here you will find all the details you need.

We hope the guide was helpful and that you enjoyed reading it.
Thanks for your attention, stay in touch.


UPDATE - Nov.12th 2019

Faucet tokens are now available in Main Menu!


Choose Validator from Delegator Menu. You don’t need to get the address from the Explorer anymore.

Choose Validator from Undelegate Menu. You don’t need to get the address from the Explorer anymore.