What Faucet Tokens are and how to get them

Hi there everyone, in this article we will explain what the Faucet tokens are and how you can get them to test the functions of our Blockchain through the BitSong Wallet Bot.
A couple of days ago we released a Guide explaining the features and operations of our Wallet Bot, where it was also briefly explained how to request and operate with Faucet tokens.

What Faucet tokens are?

The Faucet tokens are tokens created and dedicated exclusively to use in the testing phase of our Blockchain (Testnet). So these are not real tokens and their value is 0. With the Faucet tokens you will be able to try out the various functions of the Bot, such as “Send”, “Receive”, “Delegate”, “Undelegate” and all the other functions it has.
Consequently, no other type of token can be sent to the BitSong Wallet Bot other than those obtained by Faucet, or sent on request by our team.

Will the Faucet tokens be convertible into Mainnet?

The answer is “NO”. As mentioned above, Faucet tokens are test tokens and have no value. The same thing also applies to the tokens we send you to test the functions, they are not convertible and will have no value in Mainnet. Once our Mainnet is launched the only tokens that can take part in it will be the tokens purchased in Crowdfunding, from the market or earned in the various reward campaigns run by BitSong.

How to get Faucet tokens?

First you need to open the Tutorial for using the BitSong Wallet Bot.
Once you have started the Bot and generated your new account and your wallet is ready for use, you will need to click on “Get Faucet Tokens”.


Once this action is done, all you have to do is wait for the Faucet to generate tokens for you. Once you receive the response from the Faucet, you will be able to start trying out the various functions of the Bot.

That’s all! Nothing could be easier, ask the Faucet for tokens and Faucet will give you the tokens!

Have Fun!